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Dec 1, 2017

Water Shutoff Valves

Do you know where your water shutoffs are located in your home? Trying to figure that information out during an emergency is not a great scenario. Take the time to locate your valves and write down their location on a checklist. It is best to then tape the checklist on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door for easy reference. The time saved by knowing where your shutoff valves are located can limit the amount of water damage caused by a leak.

The following is a list of most common places shutoff valves are located:

  1. Kitchen- Under the sink, follow the hoses from the faucet to the valves
  2. Bathroom- Under the sink, follow the hoses from the faucet to the valves
  3. Toilet- Behind the toilet bowl located close to the floor
  4. Dishwasher- Under the kitchen sink, follow the hose thru the side of the cabinet
  5. Washing machine- Behind washing machine, usually recessed in the wall
  6. Icemaker- Behind the refrigerator
  7. Water heater- Above water heater located on cold side piping
  8. Whole house shutoff- Usually located in crawlspace or basement
  9. Tub/ shower faucet- Usually these valves do not have shutoffs and require your whole house shutoff to be used

If your whole house water shutoff is located in the crawlspace there are solutions to allow for better accessibility such as relocating the valve into a closet. If you cannot locate a shutoff or you would like more information please call us at 360-

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